How to get rid of constipation?

The medical definition of constipation is less than three weekly departures “or” difficulty leaving at least 25 % of departures “or” transfer of hard stools in at least 25 % of departures “or” feeling that the withdrawal was not complete at least 25 % of departures .

Why is it important to not to neglect constipation?

Constipation take time causes a problem:
One . Problems in the skin – the body does not take out any toxins and excrete them through the skin 2 . Hernia abdominal ( hernia ) 3 . Inflammation and varicose veins 4 . Rheumatoid arthritis 5 . Mood disorders , including depression 6 . Hemorrhoids 7 . Headaches 8 . Insomnia nine . breath raises bad 10. poor absorption of nutrients 11 . increase in weight causes constipation : poor diet – drink little water and low intake of dietary fiber stress lack of exercise lacking good bacteria – probiotics use of laxatives over time and other health factors other diseases

Tips and recommendations for prevention and change habits Departure :

Initially to encourage people to have to start the morning with two cups of warm water / warm with a little lemon juice on an empty stomach . Should allow the body time to wake up earlier to make time to reside Services. Our bodies are mostly water , so he needed plenty of water , drink at least 2 liters of water a day ( not include coffee when Tiya ) eating vegetables will be very helpful to the digestive system , because vegetables contain fiber that help the stomach and digestive system checkout process . If you ‘ll be sure to eat vegetables and drinking water , it may make it worse constipation .

Change eating habits – Try to eat six meals a day, three large : breakfast, lunch and dinner. And three smaller meals , yogurt , rice cakes , to fruit dried fruit and the like. Add olive oil daily diet , 2 teaspoons a day, you can add a salad or yogurt with ground flaxseed (you can grind in advance and keep in the fridge for a week ) . Spicy food – eating spicy food causes the liquid to dry stomach and colon . Which may cause constipation. Gastrointestinal fluids needed to allow emptying the bowel. Have lower amounts of spicy food and heating such as hot spices , caffeine and alcohol.

Adding nutrition strengthens the digestive system : orange cooked foods – carrots, pumpkin , sweet potato , barley . Add vegetables to your daily diet ( no limit) and fruit ( 2 day)

Exercise To motivate the respiratory system helps the digestive system and blood, it is important for movement and regular exercise. Walking three times a week for at least 40 minutes at a benefit and improve the quality of life.

Recommendation is very important to be sure the regular bowel habits , if this morning then get up early and have the time to sit in the bathroom or any other time strictly fixed time . Important for me to note : Although various materials tripling that day do the job but over time cause the intestine to be lazy and worsen constipation . Daily Recipe prevent constipation : 2 prunes pour over boiling water , leave covered night to drink the next morning and eat the plum ( possible with yogurt and oats )

When to contact your doctor if any new stops over two weeks with fever constipation constipation in children up to age 16 or older vomiting Constipation Constipation new lender at age 40

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How to get rid of constipation?

Constipation , a symptom that is common among the adult population around the world. Dietary changes , emotional , hormonal , etc. , could cause constipation in adults . Constipation that lasts three months in succession This is called persistent constipation – chronic constipation . 20 percent of the population in the Western world suffer from this phenomenon , chronic constipation, prolonged problem indicates it should be examined thoroughly .    constipation

Chronic constipation may be a physical problem that requires proper treatment with the help of advanced medicine . The advice of a qualified physician on the patient contact the internal tests , photographs, blood and urine tests , to find the problem that causes the phenomenon of chronic constipation exist physically . After locating the problem , I’ll turn to remedy constipation treatment regulate , through medication or recommended in severe cases through internal analyzes .

Pharmaceutical market currently provides a range of drugs that can be treated constipation is certainly worthy to relieve the feeling of unpleasantness that accompanies the phenomenon of constipation, and in particular the phenomenon of chronic constipation .

In contrast, chronic constipation , constipation emergence Standard also treatable using natural methods of regulating the diet to normal bowel activity . Normative treatment of constipation by drinking fluids will be accompanied by multi to soften the stool and help the depletion , eat high-fiber foods Hmtaclim ease, drinking coffee or tea 2-3 times a day , and increasing physical activity to stimulation of intestinal digestive activity .

The phenomenon of chronic constipation which is ongoing , and is undergoing a painful course of three months at least – can not be cured with the help of changing dietary habits and fitness because of chronic constipation suggests an internal problem of the body and the body’s difficulty in adapting to changes . Better access to medical care sooner , and prevent further worsen the situation .

Delegates adults and stops at all common medical phenomenon is considered a long history , it may be another story of Adam and Eve with the apple eating . With the seniority of this medical phenomenon , there are a variety of methods for treatment of constipation by drugs safe to use , and by dietary treatment . Doctors currently treat constipation effects during the set is barely ports or they involve effort , and can indicate constipation adults or children when held under three ports per week.

Today, the most effective treatment of constipation is it combines medication with dietary treatment for constipation – the safest non-prescription drugs should eliminate the phenomenon in the near term , and changes in eating habits ensure that the phenomenon of constipation adults do not come back again. The mechanism by which drugs to treat constipation and promotes the activation of the withdrawal reflex in the colon and helps the stool from the body more easily.

The combination of the two types of treatment for constipation is considered the most recommended . Can be strictly increased consumption of dietary fiber, such as whole grains and fruits and vegetables with skins – which help the normal operation of the digestive system . The meals that contain fiber or any other component should be consumed in the form of multiple small meals a day instead of one large meal because it weighs heavy on the stomach and is especially beneficial during the treatment of constipation .

In addition , there are several elements you should put the daily diet in moderation . Drinking two to three cups of coffee termination should stimulate the digestive system and help digestion faster and more efficient of the food . In addition, the addition of ingredients such as garlic or spicy chili assist the normal operation of the intestines in our body and also an effective treatment for constipation adults. We recommend that consumption of coffee and spicy ingredients Tzhih moderate – Excessive consumption may cause abdominal pain and unpleasant symptoms .

What is constipation?

What is constipation ?

Constipation is a condition in which there is no exit of feces, but not only.

The following conditions are also defined constipation :  what is constipation

• effort, difficulty or dis- comfort when you exit. For example, as a result excrement and / or difficult.
• a feeling of complete emptying
• Low- Frequency Outputs
The first two pretty clear , but what is the frequency of normal ports ?

The answer varies according to various viewpoints . In the Western world , often abnormal , moving twice – three times a week to twice – three times a day . However, according to Chinese medicine , for example, should be out every day and there are concepts, according to which the outlet should be after all the eating .

Importantly, constipation itself is not a disease , but a symptom . It can alert you to the existence of a disease and can also lead to the development of a disease and therefore you should find out what the causes and treat them .

What stops us doing ?

Beyond the discomfort , pain and difficulty , sometimes daily , lenders suffering from constipation , constipation have an impact on the functioning of the entire body due to the long stay of the waste body.

This effect can be expressed , inter alia, abdominal pain , flatulence, abdominal swelling , fatigue , headaches , high cholesterol, sensitivities , irritations , skin diseases , anal fissures , fecal stones , hemorrhoids, intestinal infections and other inflammatory diseases .

Damage can be caused by repeated effort , while ports .
Excessive pressure and sustained , over time, can cause weakening and weakness in the muscles of the pelvic floor . This weakening can cause worsening constipation and in extreme cases, lead to the failure of control defecation and / or urination , anal fissure , hemorrhoids prolapse , rectal turd or dropping of the pelvic organs .

Why have constipation ?

Bowel function varies from person to person and in the same person , the function can vary from time to time influenced by many factors , as described below.

• Nutrition

• A diet low in fiber – usually a diet based on processed foods and animal protein .
Lack of fluids – your body does not have enough liquid to moisten and soften the stool so you can get out quickly and easily . Drinking coffee (or other beverages with caffeine ) , sugary drinks or carbonated or alcoholic can not be considered in providing the necessary body fluids that are causing urination measure, aside from being not good for the body , by themselves .
• Problematic eating habits – snacks , overeating , etc. .

• diseases and physiological reasons

• Colorectal Disease – blockages and narrowing to colon cancer.
• lack of movement and exercise.
• restraint – restraint causes the water to be absorbed in the body and then emptying becomes difficult . It also depresses the natural urge and disrupts it.
• Older age – the older you get there is a significant decrease in mobility , has a high consumption of drugs and sometimes loss of independence. At risk are adults over 60. Approximately 20 % of patients in geriatric institutions reach them , because the loss of incontinence underwear.
• weakening of the pelvic muscles – in respect of births , lack of exercise , and more.
• prolapsed hemorrhoids
• metabolism related diseases : hypothyroidism ( under-active thyroid gland ) , diabetes, hypercalcemia ( high blood calcium levels ) , high blood potassium levels and kidney disease • congenital diseases : Hirschsprung and cystic fibrosis.
• Nervous system diseases : Parkinson’s , stroke, dementia ( dementia ) , brain injuries or spinal cord and the like.


There are quite a few medications and substances that may cause constipation or slowing digestion and constipation , as a result . Increased likelihood of Drug Consumption sustained or increased.
Among these drugs are analgesics , aluminum hydroxide ( common anti-acid drug ) , iron, tranquilizers and sleep, antidepressants and medication for high blood pressure.
In addition, frequent and continuous use laxatives , causing the body to get used to them and abandon his natural mechanism . As the body gets used to them , they cease to influence and increase their dose and on, until the body no longer responds and then created severe constipation treatment.
stress ( Stress )
Our digestive system is controlled by the nervous system , which operates in situations of relaxation and inhibited states of stress and strain , the parasympathetic nervous system . Consequently , in times of stress and pressure , digestion is not right and exits problematic and can range from diarrhea to constipation.
Additional factors in this category are:

• Lack of time – this problem is characterized especially working mothers , other busy almost from the moment they leave Kimtn to sleep .
• squeamishness and confusion – many people are able to leave the only home where cleanliness and tranquility provide an enabling environment .
Infants and children can also suffer from constipation above reasons . Example, Toddler process of toilet training is difficult for the child who had to wait to be allowed to go to the bathroom, or is having trouble dealing with the hygiene conditions in the school , a child who suffered from leaving painful memory causes him to avoid going to the bathroom , etc. .